O Song of Glinishmore

A Seed Sown

Episode 7

The party considers the scene before them from the safety of the balcony above the sanctuary: twelve corpses—six in a spiral of stretched entrails and blood; three laid down, one bloodied and flayed, beheaded with a heart in each hand, one with blood stained white robe pulled up above the chest with dismembered hands laid on bare breasts and daggers in her sex, one with skin flayed off completely but for the face, handless with a head on each side of his, facing in; three upright, one holding sword in front of his face as if to challenge an unseen foe, one with hand on pommel as if to sheathe it, and one on bended knee, head bowed and sword upright, its tip on the ground.

Few of the party approach, sensing no reaction from the upright three. Cruentis attacks Soraya’s floating body and the three engage. As the party fights, Soraya’s body begins to blacken in veins radiating from her neck and pregnant belly. As the blackness continues to spread, it cracks and crumbles like burnt wood and as it consumes her, it falls away onto the ground, including her belly, forming a pile on the ground. Revealed is a comely form of dark gray skin covered in glowing red runes. In the ensuing fight, this being is revealed to be formidable if anything can be said. She touches Bishûk on the head and overcomes his control of himself. For a brief moment, Bishûk sees his companions as enemies and another thing—a vast network of hazy alchemic circles and line with Soraya’s among them.

The party continues to attack, dealing massive damage, but the being does not falter. In a stroke of cleverness, Mals speaks the name “Reynard” into his fish bracer and whistling in the distance ensues. The party then begins to pull three of the corpses out of their circles, which snuff parts of the glow of the sigil in part and in turn. The being lays three of the party low before Possum Naderry arrives, marshaling his host of ducks. The party bloodies the being but after, Possum unleashes his fury on it. As the being lays on the ground, its skin seems to run leaving the broken body of Soraya as it slinks off to the shadows like a crawling puddle. All of the injuries that the party dealt to the being now show on Soraya: her skin burned from lightning and fire, two heavy blows, splitting her from shoulder to below the breast and splitting from neck to ribs. For Possum’s part, she is split completely around the navel, entrails cleaved and spilling onto the ground.

As the party recovers from the fight, they hear bells ringing from the tower above. They seek out the sound and from the high vantage they can see a strange gathering in the square and guards of the north gate pressing back a group before a closed portcullis. They climb down and move to the square where they find 25 of the former inhabitants of the Academy in ranks and files. The party engages and the Academics fall easily, losing life and then dismembering, skin sloughing from the bones. Bishûk is bitten by one, but the wound is afterward healed by Oya. Once the fight is over, the party finds itself alone in the square, the sound of distant turmoil echoing in the night.

Loot: Large obsidian shard, stone similar to “Arkanite”, which glows white at its core.

Kills: 3 swordmen, Soraya, 25 academics.

Exp: Cruentus Ris 2575; Bishûk 2475; El’Dhis 2525; Oya 1950; Albidum 1775; Mals 1700



110 535 oya
195 620 alb
235 660 mal

425 group ep 8

A Seed Sown

I think that opening paragraph is going to give me nightmares. Brutal.

A Seed Sown


A Seed Sown

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