O Song of Glinishmore


Episode 5

The Party begins in the Armory, admiring how dashing they all look in the full length mirrors that surround the space. Creuntus and Albidum stay to talk with the Town Master while Oya goes shopping and Bishûk, El’Dhis, and Mals head to the brothel to find Salomar.

Creuntus and Albidum:
The Town Master tells them that the Corsairs run trade in Vaal. The reason for his wanting the Captain dead is unclear by his telling, but he says that the Captain’s death in the particular method prescribed will kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. The significance of the symbol to be carved into the Captain’s palms is also unknown. The Town Master instructs them to go to the brothel and ask for two girls, Ilythia and Varija, and says that their fee has been taken care of by the Magister of Vaalath.

Bishûk, El’Dhis, and Mals:
The brothel, a place of satin and lace where, for the right price, the pleasures of the world unfold. The Madame welcomes them into the brothel, but runs out of patience when it becomes clear that they are not there to spend money. The gang muscles into the brothel and begins a door to door peep show review of the rooms. In one of the rooms, they find Salomar having a do with Ilythia and another girl. In the hall, the gang reunites and collect their wager winnings (300 gp with pilfered extras). This group then moves into town to find Oya who has gone shopping and has promise a date to the shopkeep on the next night. on the way, the group encounters a man being ushered into town on a stretcher who speaks of Glinishmore’s fall and a great dome that has grown over it, which consumes flesh that it touches.

The party, united, moves out of town, traveling up the north road and running into drunks along the way. They encounter a large black creature in a clearing that seems out of phase with their environment, but spews a metallic black liquid onto the ground. They carefully try to interact with the liquid, El’dhis and Cruentis holding their stones above it, which seems to liquify the stones and harden them as spheres. Cruentis loses a bit of his stone to the black liquid.

The party then continues north to the camp and infiltrates, finding a ledger which puts their transfer to the Corsairs at one month before.

Loot: Gold, Oya’s earrings and dress, Corsair ledger.

KOs: The first mate, two guards.

Exp: Cruentus Ris 1600; Bishûk 1550; El’Dhis 1600; Oya 1000; Albidum 825; Mals 700.



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