O Song of Glinishmore

Captain's Quarters

Episode 2

The party began on the deck of the ship having just dispatched two elven sentries. From here, they view a vast sea on one side of the ship and a wall, jungle, and two campfires on the other side. They move about the top decks clearing rooms as they go and starting first with the galley. After exiting the galley they see a small dinghy approaching with two men on board. The party attempts to go unnoticed, but are spotted and a fight commences. The men dump a bag overboard, which is later found to be Ki-Amar.
After the fight, the party moves to the Captain’s Quarter in the aft of the ship. There, they hear banging on an interior door but explore the Captain’s ready room. They find a several maps there, but most are destroyed by Ki-Amar. The party then moves into the Captain’s Bedroom to investigate the source of the banging. They find Snoop and an unconscious Oya on the Captain’s bed. After awaking Oya they search the room. Bishûk alerts the group to a small light on the horizon.
The party then moves to the deck and sets off on three dinghies for the nearby shore. They are bumped by something in the water, but are not attacked. The party ends with a group of five youths on the beach who offer the group a drink and some company.

Loot: Two cutlasses, two sacks, clothing, 3 pounds black powder, a cryptic journal, six strange rocks, a brass telescope, map of Pel, coastal map.

Kills: Two Sailors.

Exp: Cruentus Ris 675; Bishûk 625; El’Dhis 625; Oya 100



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