O Song of Glinishmore


Episode 17

Xel Arro,

I’ve escaped at last and am returning to the rendez-vous point. I ran into the group as you said I would, but the Bugbear was not with them. I had not expected to spend three months in the town, but I suppose gaining their trust was worth it, if momentarily. They do not fully understand the Seven, but they are driven by a curiosity that could become problematic.

They’re also an exceedingly quarrelsome lot, always fighting and intruding. That, if anything, might be their undoing, though their time has not yet come. After a devil of a street skirmish, we went to a fabricant Keeper who took us to what I assume was the true state of the town. It was a shambling mess with another vector at its center, masquerading as an alchemist. The group engaged him, naturally, and defeated him, but afterward, they burned the ruddy town to the ground.

As we stepped outside of the gates, we encountered a most peculiar satyr who bore the vestiges of a fox. He must have communicated something to them to which I was not privy, because at the next moment, one of them grabbed me, so I took my leave.

I recommend that the Sons continue to survey, from a distance. I do not know what they will do with their karnavaga now that it is formed, but it will find its way to the others as the prophesy fortells.

Selisaya imnidae astriël orindiël

Celes Aesyr



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