O Song of Glinishmore

The Duel

Episode 4

The party began by trying to find Kalas. They flirtatiously meander through the town square, placing additional bets with Salomar and questioning the ladies and gents of Vaal. They discover that Kalas is likely at Issa’s father’s home. Mals scales the alley walls outside of the home with the aptitude of a spider monkey and enters. Meanwhile, in the alley, the party breaks into the cellar and accosts an old man [who had lost his son in a smelting accident the night before]. Mals talks to Issa and Kalas, to which Kalas responds “Honor before pussy! I’ve gotta go duel!”
At the duel, Aris prances around like the prince of tarts, slicing apples and walnuts with his sword for a heart-healthy salad to be consumed post-duel. Issa’s father [heretofore only known as the Collector] marches in huffily. Kalas’ second runs off and is replaced by Bishûk. The party hatches a terrorist scheme and a sneak stabbing. KABOOM! Several innocents die in a horrific display of the explosive potential of one pound of black powder whilst Mals stabs Aris in the leg with a torture juice dagger.
Aris collapses in agony while Bishûk and friends put out the candle that is Issa’s father [still living most likely]. The party then engages with three Corsair bros, dispensing them without to do. A bevy of Vaal Guard then file into the square, ceasing the tumult. At the head of the blockade of men and steel trods in a sort of butler, short, but not of height. He leads the party to the town hall where they meet the town master. He tells them that he would like the Captain of the Corsairs disposed of discretely but with a symbol carved into his palms. The party is then led to the armory where they loot up.

Loot: Armor and Weapons Galore

Kills: Aris, 3 Corsair Goons

Quest: Kill the Captain of the Corsairs; mark his palms

Exp: Cruentus Ris 1475; Bishûk 1475; El’Dhis 1425; Oya 800; Albidum 650; Mals 625



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