O Song of Glinishmore

The Obsidian Pond

Episode 6

The party begins by being attacked by some sort of shade in the wood before fighting the Captain of the Corsairs and dispensing with a ferryman. The captain entreats them to a few bits of information before being struck down by a fine-crafted arrow from the woods across the river. Hereafter is the collected recollection of the Captain:

The Captain picked up the three from a trading outpost called Farsis south of Glinishmore. The instruction was to take them to Vaalath, something about their crimes, but they were to be guests of the Captain. They were guests for a week they drank and carried on, had ‘fun’ with some of their crew mates then they made port and they killed all but three of the twelve man crew. At this point, they were tied up, and the next day, they all had glowing marks on their backs. This captain is part of a fleet of former Glinishmorean prisoners and exiles; it was formed two months ago after the siege and fall of Glinishmore. The rumor is that the King is dead. He had been searching for the true status of the stones, believing them to be Arkanite, as had the Alchemist gnome of the Academy, but for whatever reason had dismissed this theory. He only knows that they were being held by a Corsair Brigadier (a rank higher than captain) before the captain stole them from him. He also knows that the three minerals he is tasked with transporting are called Naxine (the stones being transported by the ferryman), Aramyne and Velsar.

The party makes their way out of the camp, El’dhis glad-handing the dwarf sentry at the entrance. They then head south down the North Road and encounter Possum Naderry, a queer fox-satyr with a brood of ducks fishing in a pond of inky metallic liquid where the clearing used to be. He speaks to them in rhyme and riddle and illuminates the purpose of many of their items, albeit obtusely. He then gives them a series of word puzzles as the cost for shepherding them across the pond, all of which involving ducks and eggs. After they are across, he bids them farewell and disappears into the pond with a dive.

The party trudges onward toward town and once inside the walls, make their way to the tavern to return the tavern owner’s daughter and claim their reward. They do so and are offered gold, wine and rum, and women as their prize, as well as the owner’s gratitude. Amidst the revelry, they here screaming and panic from the north and when they take to the streets, they find a throng of Academics running from the Academy and various states of maim. The party proceeds cautiously inward and in the sanctuary of the Academy finds a gruesome display of ritualized carnage with Soraya at its center, floating and seemingly with child.

Loot: Cruentis: the Captain’s coat; Bishûk: a large brass Key with goblin markings on it; Mals: a golden bracer in the shape of a fish.

Kills: The Captain, the ferryman.

Quest Complete: Tavern-owner’s daughter.

Exp: Cruentus Ris 2025; Bishûk 1925; El’Dhis 1975; Oya 1400; Albidum 1225; Mals 1100



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