O Song of Glinishmore

To the Gallows

Episode 1

Three adventurers El’Dhis, Bishûk, and Creuntis Ris were lead to their own execution. As El’Dhis was laid down on the block, the Diplomatic Guard of a foreign nation executed the nearby Royal Glinishmorean Guard. The adventurers watched as a red-robed figure walked past them, crouched and everything went black.
The party awoke bound and wearing strange clothing in a ship’s hold next to a slave girl who identified herself as Soraya from Ixia. She told them that the ship was transporting slaves, both women and eunuchs, as well as cargo. She had been on the ship for a week at least. She had witnessed her father arguing with a man and then was taken. She awoke on the ship with a brand on her pubis and said that she has not felt right since.
The party moved through the ship, collecting some items and freeing a group of slaves before making their way to the deck.

Loot: Large nails, two long daggers, a decorative sword, three large eggs, a whip, wool, rope, high proof rum.

Kills: A Chimera that was left in a crate, a slave overseer, two elven sentries on deck.

Exp: Cruentus Ris 375; Bishûk 325; El’Dhis 325



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