O Song of Glinishmore


Episode 3

The party begins on the beach talking with the five youths. The youths talk about an upcoming duel in the city behind them. A dragonborn named Syrx takes the lead in explaining the romantic tale behind the duel between Kalas and Aris over the hand of Issa, a beautiful girl from Vaal. They explain that Issa’s father is Aris’ second and Barthos, a cowardly man, is Kalas’. The youths talk about the city and explain it as a rest port for sailors along the coast. They also seem to think that the party are corsairs.
The party is attacked by a giant sea serpent who kills one of the youths and bites Soraya, poisoning her. The party gets 20 gp and 50 sp off of the corpse of the youth. The party collects poison from the serpent’s teeth. Syrx leads the party into the city and brings to Creuntus, El’Dhis, and Soraya to the Academy and sends Bishûk and Oya to the Oakthorne Inn.
Creuntus leaves Soraya with a Doctor Kyran to treat her wounds and is told that she should be mended in a day. Albidum, a recent apprentice of Kyran travels back to the Inn with Creuntus, El’Dhis, and Syrx. Bishûk and Oya meet an Innkeeper who offers a room for 5 gp but is later reveled to be Mals, a rogue in disguise. Mals takes another 5 gp from Creuntus and El’Dhis. The party RESTS and awakes without incident.
The next day Syrx takes the part around to various locales in the City. The party goes to the academy where they identify their black powder as flammable and receive some recipes to convert the powder into explosives. They also take five chemicals: iridescent metal filings, a glowing green liquid, two liquids Irium and Tolum, which when combined create a poison gas and Toluic Acid which combines with Irium to create a torture agent.
Albidum identifies the eggs as belonging to a lizard-bird, which needs to be buried in carrion to hatch and the book as being written in High Valaathan but in some sort of cipher. The party also learns that their strange stones are likely called Arcanite and possess a dark and powerful alchemic power. The party is then taken to a tower where they see a Glinishmorean Ship moored beside the Corsair ship and a vast jungle to the north of the city.
The party then makes its way to a tavern to learn more about the duel. While walking through the town square, El’Dhis, Creutus and Mals make bets in Kalas’ favor for the duel. They encounter two professors who learn about the Arcanite and crush one of the stones. They are also pressed by the owner of the bar to rescue his daughter from the corsairs. In the hour before the duel, the party gets non-Corsair clothing and bags at a shop for 3 gp.

Loot: Alchemic book, 5 chemicals, map of Vaal, map of northern area, serpent venom, Vaalan Clothing, assortment of rings, 6 satchels.

Kills: Sea Serpent

Quest: Rescue Tavern-owner’s daughter from Corsairs.

Other: Bets on Kalas in duel; 10/1 odds against; 1 gp El’Dhis, 1 gp Creuntus, 5 gp Mals

Exp: Cruentus Ris 1075; Bishûk 1025; El’Dhis 1025; Oya 400; Albidum 250; Mals 200



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