O Song of Glinishmore

Tick, Tock

Episodes 11-16

Last time on O Song of Glinishmore!
Will our heroes make their way out of the town of Vaal? Will the purple dome be the group’s undoing? Will Soraya receive a Rakaro burial? Some of these questions and more answered today on Negligent DM!

Ep. 11
As the tentacle rounded the corner of the catacombs below Vaal, Bishûk was grabbed in an orgy of hentai allusions and down, down, down he went into the murky depths of the cistern. As the party rounded the corner in hot pursuit of that slippery devil, they saw a bevy of tendrils before them. Like a mad man with nothing left to lose, El’Dhis dove into the cistern with a tightly executed tuck and flip and SPLASH! Meanwhile, bored with his companions’ mortal peril, Mals sulked away into the darkness to go play with a heavily rusted water pump. After some to do, The gang of heroes drained the cistern slew the beast and found Bishûk’s pack, but no Bishûk (bum bum buuuuum). Cruentis found a door in the wall of the cistern and went-a-wandering and looted the fuck out of some antiquities.

Ep. 12
Next, the gang made their way down the winding paths and came upon Glissa, a human lady, who was positively glowing. [Enter: tunnel rats] At long last, the gang made their way out of the catacombs and into the fresh night air of the ruins of Old Vaal. But lo! Goblins wandered in the night as the gang rested their weary heads. An epic fight ensued whereby all the gods of war and valor were called upon and at last, the goblins and their orc leader were slain.

Ep. 13
But tragedy! Other goblins were busy during the skirmish and managed to hang and burn the priests of a nearby Temple of Sune. Holy shit! With all the disappointment of the day, the gang thought it best to wander to the half-retarded goliath stable boy and get some sweet wolves. The gang rescued a priest but the great gods of neglect took him into that dark night of obscurity. Also, some prophesy was revealed by those silly goblins and Glissa knows something about it too. The gang proceeded to the stables and got their wolves before making their way down the road. On the way, they run into some gallant knights. Needless to say, the knights end up dead and their horses run off down a path and into the woods. The gang pursues, but find only horse corpses and eventually the gates to a town on the strange path.

Ep. 14-16
Knock, Knock. Who’s there? CONFUSION! The town proves to be somewhat of a mind fuck. The gang lingers, not by choice, and as they commence egress and ingress, the town changes around them. Along the way, they encounter two interesting characters: The observer and Aesyr. Also, amidst the frustration, Cruentis collects a duck and Glissa gets herself a weird bouncing magical owl. As the town turns to anger, the gang find themselves reunited after some time traveling antics. And so here our recap ends in the top floor of the courier, with fighting outside.



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